Tecnocap donates to support Ukraine

Tecnocap committed to supporting Ukraine

February, 24 2022 is a day nobody will ever forget in Ukraine and all over the world. Families were destroyed, suddenly woken up by the sound of sirens and the outbreak of bombs, just next to their houses.

From that terrible day, the war has never stopped, and neither the aids that Tecnocap has been sending to the Ukrainian citizens.

Tecnocap Group was directly involved as one of its facilities is located in Lviv. Luckily, thanks to its position near the Polish borders the plant was preserved and, up to now, it has never stopped working.

Since the outbreak of the war, the Managing Director Youriy Maletskiy, has been supporting the communities nearby and all its employees. He has never been alone: the CEO of the Group, Michelangelo Morlicchio and the colleagues from all the plants have always assisted the Ukrainian Managing Director, by sending him aids, medicines, clothes and food.

Youriy Maletskiy – who is also member of “The Knights of Columbus”, a Catholic fraternal service order dedicated to charity, brotherhood and patriotisms – during the war was able to assist the refugees thanks to a global net of aids.


A year after, Tecnocap keeps on being committed to new and useful initiatives.

The kids, the most vulnerable part of all this, must adapt to this new reality and way of living.

And it is at school that they learn how to act in these difficult and dangerous situations. For this reason, schools have been asked by the Government to build at least one “special” civic education class dedicated to the teaching of how to cope with particular situations, such as during a firebombing.

Due to the fact that many schools in Ukraine are not equipped in conformity with the rules, Tecnocap UA has bought chairs and desks which are more resistant and eco-friendly, underlining one more time its support to schools and kids’ education in the Lviv region.

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