Tecnocap joins the «Mi Voglio Bene» Free Screening Campaign

Tecnocap enthusiastically joined the Mi Voglio Bene campaign launched by the Campania Region in collaboration with the local health board of Salerno to promote a culture of prevention in support of health throughout the territory.

The initiative perfectly aligns with Tecnocap’s broader commitment to social welfare and the communities where it operates its production facilities. The project conducted by the Campania Region aims to provide fundamental healthcare services aimed at early diagnosis and prompt identification of colon-rectal, cervical, breast, and liver cancers.

Tecnocap has planned and conducted three screening sessions over three weeks, involving the entire company workforce and also opening its doors to their families. The three days, conducted by ASL personnel at a designated location, saw a 90% participation rate, generating great satisfaction and gratitude.

This project encourages us to undertake further synergies that contribute to the improvement of public health.

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