Tecnocap group support Marc Chagall exhibition in Amalfi Coast

For Tecnocap group, meaningful corporate citizenship has deep and expansive roots.

Actively supporting renowned cultural institutions and events in the places where we conduct our business, gives us access to a dynamic relationship-building platform.

There we can interact with key stakeholders, from existing and potential business partners, to current and future employees. According to Shakespeare, “All the world is a stage” – the strong partnerships and reputation that have grown out of our many years of cultural sponsoring around our locations, confirm he had a point.

All of the art, music and theatre activities in which Tecnocap is involved, reflects our relentless pursuit of excellence, our partnership philosophy, and our continual efforts to add positive impulses to our employees’ quality of life. In addition to financial support, we look for opportunities for a mutually beneficial knowledge transfer. In short, the institutions and the productions we support boost our performance in terms of credibility and relationship building in the communities to which we belong.

From the earliest days, Tecnocap has been supporting the performing arts, and being part of the local community where our global headquarters are based has been important to us. Today, this sense of belonging and the desire to give something back, is mirrored by our involvement in the region cultural life. Supporting a range of top-class arts institutions and respected events is a visible proof that our commitment to good corporate citizenship is measured in acts and not words. We are keen to contribute to growing the attractiveness of the Amalfi Coast.

This enriches both the place itself and the people who live there, including our employees.

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