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Tecnocap commitment to sustainability reaches a crucial milestone: the EPD certification

The EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) is a Sustainability label, i.e., a tool able to measure in a transparent, scientific and objective way the environmental impact of metal packaging solutions offered to the market by Tecnocap.

EPD Certification Packaging - Metal Closures, Bottles and Aerosol Cans “We are extremely proud of this achievement which validates our commitment to scientifically measuring and transparently recording the environmental footprint of our Metal Packaging solutions” – stated Michelangelo Morlicchio, CEO of Tecnocap Group, who also added – “This crucial milestone has been obtained at the end of a complex path, simultaneously to the release of our first Sustainability Report. I am firmly sure that the EPDs will represent a powerful tool when identifying the processes on which to intervene, in order to reach always more ambitious objectives in terms of emission reduction and safeguard of Earth’s resources”.   

The EPD includes an only document with all the detailed information – objective and comparable – regarding both the environmental impact of Metal Closures, produced in the facility of Cava de’ Tirreni, and the one concerning the Aluminium Bottles and Aerosol Cans, produced in the facility of Lecco, taking into consideration crucial factors such as the consumption of energy and raw materials, air emissions, the production of waste and the discharges into bodies of water.

EPD Certification Packaging - Metal Closures, Bottles and Aerosol Cans

The EPD allows the achievement of a Certification of international value, released by a third party, useful to attest the environmental performances of the products, being developed according to international regulations which guarantee reliability and worldwide recognition. These characteristics make it a very useful tool, able to share – in a transparent way – all the information to Clients and Investors as well as to include sustainability policies and objectives of the Client Brands in terms of packaging.

EPD Certification Packaging - Metal Closures, Bottles and Aerosol Cans

The two EPDs are now registered and published on the International EPD®System and they can be downloaded as pdf documents at the following links:


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