Redemption Team

Under the 2021 Sustainability CSR Action Plan, Tecnocap supports the “Montecalvario” project, which is the football team of the Quartieri Spagnoli in Naples. Besides the idea of popular football, there is also the mission of the members to create a social and cultural net, able to convey positive energies as to push the youngest away from the dangerous temptations of their troubled neighborhood.

Sustainabilty CSR Action Plan - Tecnocap Metal Packaging

The Association is a social point of contact for the sportsmen of the district with its crucial cultural aim: to bring to light all the positive values of the Quartieri Spagnoli and involve partners and sponsors as examples of legality and ethics as to create a net supporting children at risk and with a severe socio-economic disadvantage.

The main objective is to spread sport values and responsible lifestyles among the children and teenagers of this troubled neighborhood and become – also thanks to its net of sponsors and partners – a supervision for a civil society in order to provide an alternative and push the youngest away from the wrong temptations.

Sustainabilty CSR Action Plan - Tecnocap Metal Packaging

Antida Giordano, Tecnocap Marketing & Communication manager stated, “Montecalvario deserves to be supported regardless of its results. We have immediately embraced with great enthusiasms this project which consists, first of all, in a social and cultural initiative, in compliance with the Corporate Social Responsibility Action Plan”.

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