Exploring New Horizons in Manufacturing with Tecnocap and Moundsville Middle School

The West Virginia Manufacturers Association continues to ignite curiosity and passion for manufacturing through its dynamic program, “Explore the New Manufacturing.”
This initiative serves as a gateway for students to delve into the vibrant world of manufacturing in West Virginia.

At the heart of this endeavor lies the invaluable partnership between the Association and pioneering companies like Tecnocap, dedicated to nurturing the next generation of manufacturers.

For three consecutive years, Tecnocap has warmly welcomed Moundsville Middle School students, offering them an exclusive peek behind the curtain of modern manufacturing. Through hands-on experiences and insightful interviews, these young minds not only learn about the diverse array of manufacturing careers but also uncover the sheer joy of bringing products to life.

This year marked another milestone as Moundsville Middle School collaborated with Tecnocap to produce captivating videos showcasing the essence of manufacturing.

Armed with cameras and curiosity, students embarked on a journey to capture the essence of Tecnocap’s operations and the stories of its dedicated workforce.

As the videos take shape, they become more than just recordings; they become a testament to the symbiotic relationship between education and industry. They embody the spirit of exploration, collaboration, and the boundless potential that lies within our youth.

So, let’s applaud the endeavors of the West Virginia Manufacturers Association, Tecnocap, and Moundsville Middle School for paving the way towards a future where manufacturing isn’t just a career but a calling, where every product tells a story, and every student holds the power to shape the world of tomorrow.

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