Sustainability Certified

In order to measure Sustainability performances,  Tecnocap disposes of an integrated management system ensuring quality, safety, and environmental health, to which the Smeta 4 Pillars Audit and the Ethical Certifications shall be added, and which guarantee the correct management of the relations with all the stakeholders, in particular with the employees. All the certifications are implemented in a systematic project which involves, in every facility of the Group, the realization of Sustainability projects aiming at the reduction of the environmental impacts recorded in the GRI Sustainability Report of the Group.

From the very beginning, Tecnocap has been committed to environmental goals and since 2005 Tecnocap has obtained the ISO 14001 Certification in terms of reduction and supervision of the environmental impact of its facilities in Cava de’ Tirreni (Italy) and in Strimlov (Czech Republic), in which Metal Closures for Food and Beverage are produced.

Measure Sustainability - Tecnocap Metal Packaging ISO 14001

Moreover, Tecnocap has recently achieved the EPD Certification across the products’ lifecycle in compliance with the approach of the Life Cycle Assessment. The certification determines with greater credibility Tecnocap commitment to minimizing the environmental impact of its processes, products, and services, to measuring the performances and defining concrete objectives, while putting great emphasis on the reinforcement of an Integrated Environmental Management System, able to map all the risks and control their impacts.

ISO 14001 Certification is an effective tool used by the third largest world manufacturer of metal closures for Food and Beverage to align its business model to the Sustainable Development Goals of 2030.

Measure Sustainability - Tecnocap Metal Packaging ISO 14001

This Certification, as well as the EPD of the product, is a concrete and significant witness of our attitude towards excellence in terms of quality, sustainability and client satisfaction, claimed Michelangelo Morlicchio, Tecnocap CEO. This is a result which confirms our dedication to providing packaging solutions always safer for our consumers, more and more recyclable and able to add value and support the Sustainability Goals of the main consumer brands in the world.

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