Metal Closures for Food & Beverage

Capsule twist - Produzione chiusure metalliche per l'industria alimentare


The most popular metal closure for food and beverages
Capsule omogeneizzati. Chiusure metalliche twist dalla massima sicurezza per vasetti in vetro dedicate al confezionamento di alimenti per l’infanzia - Baby food jars - Metal closures press-on application and twist-off removal


High quality closure with superior oxygen barrier properties
Metal CT Closures screw caps for food glass jars and plastic containers -Beverage closures for jars for drinks with straw - Tecnocap Metal Closures

Continuous Thread Tinplate Screw Cap

Old fashioned style and excellent sealing properties
Continuous Thread Aluminum Closures - glass jars and plastic containers

Continuous Thread Aluminum Screw Cap

Light in weight, organic aesthetic appeal
Twist closures for glass jars - Metal closures for food packaging - Tecnocap presenta Homestyle Twistop: Un tappo twist in metallo con il design in stile Mason Jars per chiudrere barattoli in vetro e conservare alimenti.

Classic Canner

Iconic home canning design
70G aluminum and tinplate closure for candles, cosmetics, mason jars

70G Continuous Thread Screw Cap

Available in Tinplate or Aluminum

Lid & Band

Perfect for a long-term storage of homemade products.
Metal closures for food packaging - lithographed, embossed, perforated - Capsule metalliche perforate per vasi in vetro Unishell - Packaging Alimentare


Clean lines, smooth finish and high-end appeal


Aluminum closure for beer and soft drinks
Metal caps, lids and closures for jars, bottles, containers - Food Canning


A disposable closure made of Tinplate.
Aluminium screw closure with easy grip design - food and seafood canning

AP 45

Aluminum closure characterized by an easy grip design