Metal Closures for Cosmetics & Personal Care

Cosmetics packaging - metal closures for cosmetics and personal care - Le capsule metalliche cosmetici Unishell, studiate per vasi in vetro, conferiscono al packaging cosmetico un’estetica elegante grazie a superfici lisce.


Clean lines, smooth finish and high-end appeal
Cosmetic packaging - metal closures for glass jars and plastic containers - Capsule metalliche cosmetici - packaging cosmetico e farmaceutico


Designed for beauty products
Continuous Thread Alumnium Screw Caps - Tecnocap Metal Closures

Continuous Thread Aluminum Screw Cap

Organic aesthetic appeal. Lightweight and 100% Recyclable
Continuous Thread Caps for plastic jars and plastic containers - Tecnocap

Continuous Thread Tinplate Screw Cap

The traditional design of manually closed caps
70G aluminum and tinplate closure for candles, cosmetics, mason jars

70G Continuous Thread Screw Cap

Available in Tinplate or Aluminum