Metal Closures for Candles

Candles lids and metal closures for glass jars - candles packaging

Continuous Thread Aluminum Screw Cap

Custom Perforations
Lightweight, organic aesthetic appeal
Capsule metalliche perforate per candele profumate - Packaging candele - Candles closures and lids for glass jars - candles packaging


Custom perforations
Clean lines, smooth finish and high-end appeal
Perforated candles lids and metal closures for candles jars packaging

Continuous Thread Tinplate Screw Cap

Custom Perforations
Old fashioned appeal
Candle closures plugs - metal closures for threadless containers

Candle Plug

Designed to work with threadless containers
Candle containers closures - Aluminum and tinplate caps and closures

70G Continuous Thread Screw Cap

Available in Tinplate or Aluminum
Custom perforations