Tecnocap donates to Banco Alimentare Campania

In December 2021, right before Christmas Holidays, Tecnocap bought high quality food products to donate to Banco Alimentare, an Italian ONLUS in charge of collecting food which are then redistributed to people in need.

The association operates all over Italy and aims at fighting food waste and recover food that is still good, reallocating it in several charitable structures. Banco Alimentare is present in almost all the Italian regions and Tecnocap donated specifically to Banco Alimentare Campania several tons of foodstuff, out of social solidarity.

Banco Alimentare Campania ONLUS is a Leader Partner Organization authorized by the Minister to distribute food products to the most deprived people. Every day, in fact, the organization collects food surpluses and is responsible for redistributing them to the poor, through affiliated Territorial Partner Organizations (Charities, Churches, Soup Kitchens, Solidarity Banks, Community Services..)

For this reason, on the one hand, the association is at the service of Territorial Organizations that deal with families who live in social difficulties and on the others it deals with companies in the agri-food sector which have stock problems and surpluses that they want to donate.

Each month, more than 198,578 people are given assistance with more than 9,000,000 kg of foodstuff distributed in almost 400 different charity structure.

Tecnocap is always more committed to social issues and is proud of its collaborations with no-profit organizations, always keeping an eye on the welfare of the communities in which it operates.


About Tecnocap:

Tecnocap is a worldwide metal packaging manufacturer, specialized in metal closures for glass jars and plastic containers.
The group is one of the biggest producers of tinplate and aluminum closures as well as aluminum monobloc aerosol cans and aluminum bottles for some of the world’s best known consumer brands in food, beverages, spirits, cosmetics, nutraceuticals,  pharmaceuticals, industrial and household products.

Our commitment goes beyond providing the best quality product. We help our clients succeed by enhancing the identity of their brand and preserving the safety of their product. We work as partners and advisors to our clients, improving existing products and developing new designs & engineering solutions.

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