Tecnocap group is a proud member of Sedex , a non-profit organization with more than 150 member states, dedicated to the promotion of improvements in social and ethical responsibilities of business and supply chains.

Sedex is the largest online platform for sharing business data on corporate ethics of transnational supply chain.

This safe and effective collaborative networking allows Tecnocap group to share online information on corporate social and green responsibility standards also allowing clients to monitor policies relating sustainability, health and safety labor standards as well as business ethics.

As a Sedex member, Tecnocap group shares with its customers around the world all necessary information to comply with their ethical trade standards, in a simple and effective way.

As a business partner of top transnational corporations, Tecnocap group accepts with enthusiasm to be subject to SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) and complies with clients’ responsible sourcing programs.

An interesting example of our commitment in CSR audits is the Nestlè Responsible Sourcing Programme Award, attesting our compliance with industry-leading standards in:

– Compliance and Business Integrity
– Human Rights and Labor Practices
– Communities and Rural Development
– Environmental Sustainability.

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