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Open Innovation Packaging: Tecnocap on the hunt for start-up companies with The European House – Ambrosetti

Digital transformation and Sustainability are at the center of Tecnocap corporate strategy for its competitiveness and success in the medium-long term. The Group is strongly committed to projects and partnerships developed according to the Open Innovation model, as to accelerate the transforming processes and to identify high-potential players in which to invest.

Tecnocap, in partnership with other ten investors, is part of Campania Venture, an innovative and strongly concrete project in terms of Open Innovation and Impact Investing, launched by The European House – Ambrosetti. This Corporate Venture Capital initiative will contribute to the scouting activities as well as promoting the investments in small and medium-sized enterprises with high potentials in the Digital Transformation and Sustainability fields.

Open Innovation Packaging -. Tecnocap closures, aerosols and bottlesCampania Venture shall be a concrete and effective initiative for the eco-system of those enterprises with a high technological content stimulating, through an innovative process, the creation of strategic partnerships for the competitiveness of the involved companies”, stated Valerio De Molli, Managing Partner and CEO of the European House – Ambrosetti. “In a competitive context, marked by a constant change, the development of knowledge, the cross-fertilization between companies and start-ups and the creation of structured partnerships are crucial elements for the growth of a productive sector, able to compete on an international level. Moreover, this initiative, wants to place itself as perfect example in which different Partners decide to join their forces and stimulate innovation internally and in the business environment around them”.

Open Innovation Packaging -. Tecnocap closures, aerosols and bottlesWe are well aware that in the current global scenery, the integration of new virtuous and sustainable business models is an important aspect in order to be competitive and successful. The partnership with Ambrosetti and the new investor companies is a strategic opportunity to communicate with the best talents and promote entrepreneurial projects based on Digital Transformation and Sustainability” – stated Michelangelo Morlicchio, CEO of Tecnocap Group, who then added “Exploring innovative models and expanding the scouting scope in a multi-corporate ecosystem, led by one of the most famous think tanks in the world, will allow us to enrich our vision and inspire our future planning”.

To join the call with Campania Venture the deadline is 21 December 2021.
It is possible to submit the business idea filling the form at the following link:

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