89 mm Aluminum CT Closure with plastisol

Over the last twelve months, Tecnocap Group has created an assortment of new metal closures for  candles, ice cream and spirits.Each product was initiated by the request from a customer seeking a solution to a closure issue.
Some customers were simply looking for an alternative to their existing supplier, while another was looking for a better design and application due to capping and sealing issues.

“A customer was looking for a closure for a new product to be introduced into the market…for a new “gelato” (ice cream) coming to the market”.



The request was for an 89 mm Aluminum CT closure with plastisol.

Tecnocap has been producing  Aluminum CT with plastisol for a few months.
Plastisol line products are usually used for hot filling.
After some testing, the 89mm Aluminum CT with plastisol worked successfully.
Although Tecnocap USA produces over 85 sizes and designs, and sizes ranging from 15 mm to 120 mm, it has always been interested in new products which may make a significant impact on the market.

In the picture below, Gelato Fiasco packaging Before and After.

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