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Metal Packaging Ukraine - Twist metal closures and lithography in Lviv

Metal Packaging Ukraine – Twist metal closures and lithography in Lviv

Main recent achievements of Tecnocap group in Ukraine.

The last two years have been very important and active for the development of Tecnocap in Ukraine. The company strengthened its management process according to lean principles and invested in the development of advanced problem solving services and in the consolidation of a team of 115 people extremely dynamic and efficient.

Tecnocap team in Ukraine is a quite unique “melting pot” of people which bring their creative yet professional approaches into daily challenges. Many different nationalities are represented and most of them have Russian origins.

Strategies to face the Ukrainian crisis.

Since 2006, Tecnocap Ukraine has been a company specialized in SKO caps, Twist caps and Lithography for food and beverage brands. The manufacturing plant is located in the Zhovkva district, Lviv region, an area near the border with Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Moldova and Republic of Belarus, a strategic hub for logistic connections to the heart of Europe and far away from critical areas of conflicts.

Nonetheless, as a part of the third worldwide player in metal closures production , Tecnocap Ukraine has a strong role as both a productive and a logistic hub towards Russia and the Near East.

Being a global company, Tecnocap adapts its marketing strategies to each social environment where it operates as well as policies and regulations. It was obvious that a copy-paste strategy borrowed from Western markets would not have worked in Ukraine. Since the beginnings, Tecnocap developed its specific approach, driving business to ensure that its products and services are favored by all target markets, even in such a critical period.

To challenge the crisis, Tecnocap management decided to focus on the consolidation and strengthening of relationships with clients, offering more and more effective advanced services.

By digitizing relations, investing in ICT and high skilled human resources, Tecnocap technical and customer care division is paradoxically closer to customers and can offer advanced problem-solving services despite the crisis.

Tecnocap strategy initiative in the next future aims at increasing the level of a digital problem solving platform and business intelligence capacity to not only deliver top metal closing systems but also transfer excellent know how to clients.

Educational initiatives and establishment of partnerships with civil society, Universities and business community.

Since the beginnings, the company established partnerships with local business organizations such as the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It promoted a lot of educational campaigns and in cooperation with the Lviv Polygraphic Institute, it is engaged in annual Internship Program for six students.

Moreover, Tecnocap believes in sports as an effective way to reconnect people: in fact it has sponsored a football championship under 15,  involving not only Ukrainian but also Russian, Polish, Moldavian and other Eastern European teams.

Tecnocap is a proud supporter of the Zhovkva Project, which aims at restoring dignity to the families forced to flee and leave their homes due to the conflict. This project has already produced successful results and Tecnocap top management has embraced the idea to follow up the story and monitor the project results.

Accomplishments, reforms and ambitions for Ukraine in the near future.

Ukraine is expected to grow faster than other global counterparts.

Taking into consideration the reforms that are being implemented in the country today in the sphere of tax, legal and social environment, it is evident that there is a huge potential for transnational companies there.

Being the crisis  a symptom of the strong relevance of Ukraine as a geo-strategic hub in the relationships between the European Union and Russia, Tecnocap has been strongly committed in encouraging a constructive dialogue between business environment and politicians for a peaceful resolution to it. This transition could open a new scenery to transnational companies and represent a step in the process of building a big duty free open market with the European Union, Russia and the Baltic Republics.

Tecnocap will continue investing with strong enthusiasm in Ukraine, driving business with passion, professionalism and perfectionism.


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