Tecnocap launches its Academy to strengthen skills in support of a Global Growth

Training is a key element to support the sustainable growth vision of the Tecnocap Group. Over the past three years, the organization has accelerated its commitments and investments in Organizational and People Development, and has increasingly focused on the development of an innovative, digital, and engaging Corporate Academy.

In 2018, Tecnocap initiated its first internal training microproject, and today, thanks to a dedicated management and an annual plan based on the analysis of personnel needs, it organizes up to eight training programs per year, of different durations and audiences. Since the first training experience, in light of the significant international growth and product diversification of the Group, the opportunity to design a smart platform to provide technical tutorials and employee development courses across different locations worldwide has gained traction. The aim is to build a satisfying professional experience enriched with ever-new knowledge.

In 2023, this vision becomes a reality as Tecnocap launches its Academy, an innovative online training project aimed at enhancing the skills of its workforce, promoting efficiency, and supporting professional growth. The Academy, thanks to the e-learning, offers an engaging, dynamic, and effective approach, and provides its users with interactive modules, video lessons, tutorials, and real-time assessment tests within a personalized learning environment. Users can access the training system based on their availability, using various devices from any geographic location.

The backbone of this ambitious project consists of tutorials on production processes, created with the active participation of highly qualified and specialized internal staff. The initiative aims to share specific knowledge and company processes with newcomers, facilitating their rapid integration. The tutorials on production processes are a powerful tool for selecting, educating, and training new hires, effectively integrating on-the-job training and accelerating the readiness of new employees.

Tecnocap Academy represents a significant advancement in the broader journey of digitalization and corporate sustainability, and, thanks to the project’s modularity and scalability, it is expected to be valuable in the future. In addition to the current goal of enhancing employee career development paths, there are plans to extend the use of the online platform (probably with a dedicated App) to external young talents, external to the organization, with the aim to develop and strengthen their specific skills, immediately applicable in the company. This is such a relevant theme, given the ongoing shortage of specialized talents.

Antida Giordano, Marketing and Organizational Development Manager at Tecnocap Group, explains: „The corporate culture regarding training has significantly changed in recent years, and the Academy project confirms the Group’s willingness and ability to adhere to the most advanced best practices in digital innovation and social responsibility. The possibility of offering personalized training contents, always more specific as well as the flexibility of the training rhythm – customized according to one’s needs – represent the main strengths of the program”.

For more information about Tecnocap and its online corporate training programs, please visit www.tecnocapgroup.academy.

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