Special Needs Children in the Spotlight

Tecnocap UA supports inclusive education

Ukraine continues to be plagued by the consequences of armed conflict, with a vast portion of the population enduring suffering and profound psychological distress. Despite the efforts of many countries around the world to provide aid, much of the Ukrainian citizens remain trapped in this spiral of inhospitable living conditions.

The situation of children is particularly complex, as they are forced to seek a sense of normalcy in a deeply destabilizing environment. Among them, there are many children with physical and mental disabilities who already faced difficulties adapting to societal structures before the conflict. However, there are numerous initiatives by institutions and some volunteer associations dedicated to addressing their plight.

Tecnocap’s Ukrainian production facility responded to the call from the director of the Zabirska Gymnasium, Stefan Bakovsky, to receive specialized equipment that would enable more suitable learning conditions. Items such as chairs, sensory balls, puzzle rugs, and sand tables were purchased.
The CEO of Tecnocap UA, who personally visited the gymnasium attended by these students with special educational needs, received a warm welcome. Regarding the visit, he recounts,“Witnessing their appreciation and hearing their sincere words of gratitude deeply moved us. We are pleased to have shared a moment of happiness in such difficult times for all of us.“

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