Prague calling

Following the reopening phase of the Italian borders, the Italian-Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry streamed the “Prague calling Italy” webinar. A virtual tour into italian productive system with the participation of entrepreneurs, managers and professionals connected from ten Italian regions.


Representing Tecnocap, the Managing Director of the production plant in the Czech Republic, dr. Alfonso D’Agostino, who assessed the results on the measures put in place by the Group and shared with the panel his perspective analysis on the medium term about the impact of COVID-19 on the manufacturing industry in Italy and Europe.

“Without rhetoric, the health, safety and well-being of workers are the top priorities for Tecnocap,” said Alfonso D’Agostino, Managing Director of Tecnocap Czech Republic, during his speech, who added: “As part of the agrifood supply chain and partners of big brands in the pharmaceutical sector, we have never stopped and we have ensured operational continuity of production in the face of a surge in demand and always in compliance with all the recommendations, rules and guidelines relating to the reduction of risk “.

During the intervention, D’Agostino highlighted the effectiveness of the organizational response represented by the Covid-19 internal emergency management protocol, which was mentioned at national level as a Best Practice. Mr. D’Agostino also emphasized the importance of monitoring the evolution of the pandemic with the utmost seriousness and the strict observance of the rules in all the production plants and commercial offices all over the world. Finally, the Managing Director Tecnocap Czech Republic contributed to the debate on the future impact of the pandemic on the world economy by saying that much will depend on the speed of implementation of worldwide containment measures and on the amount of resources that will be allocated to support the small business. The scenario obviously suggests a cautious attitude due to possible slowdowns in demand, especially in the final part of 2020 and in the first quarter of next year.

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