Packaging Machines

The Tecnocap Group produces packaging machinery which includes Capping Machines, Sort&Feed Machines and Vacuum Detectors.
This equipment is designed to meet customer’s expectations in terms of efficiency and reliability, while providing the complete sealing process for their products.

TSM 250

Capping Machine
Capping machine A totally automatic machine which vacuum seals glass jars with metal closures under controlled steam pressure.
  • Diameters: from 30 to 110 mm;
  • Container/Jar Height: from 63 to 258 mm;
  • Container/Jar diameter: from 38 to 168 mm.

    Our technical division develops bespoke machines capable of sealing jars with customized dimensions.

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Jars capping lines, capping machines for food and beverage industry - Capsulatrici vasi sottovuoto invasettamento con chiusure metalliche twist