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Tecnocap continues to push the envelope by designing premium metal packaging that grabs the attention of Global Consumers while meeting the highest standards in Custom Design and Sustainability.

The world first 100% recycled aluminum bottle manufactured in Italy by Tecnocap is “the Metal Pack of the Year” at the Uk Packaging Awards as a total game changer in the bottled water market, and one of the most disruptive and innovative products available.

The UK Packaging Awards is among the sector’s most prestigious prizes in Europe and worldwide, judged by a panel of the most influential packaging buyers and specifiers. Experts from many of the biggest household names, including Coca-Cola, Heineken, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Nestlé, assessed this year’s entries.

the metal pack of the year - Tecnocap aluminium bottle

The ’Metal Pack of the Year’ category is sponsored by the Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association, the lead voice of the UK metal packaging industry with direct links into a European market employing 70,000 people across 200 companies producing more than 70 billion containers each year.

the metal pack of the year - Tecnocap aluminium bottle

UK spring water brand Re:Water, which comes in reusable bottles manufactured in Italy by Tecnocap and made from 100% recycled aluminum, achieved a high profile when it was served to global leaders at the COP26 Conference – UN Climate Change in Glasgow from 31 October to 12 November 2021.

the metal pack of the year - Tecnocap aluminium bottle

Last Friday, the iconic aluminum bottle obtained unanimous recognition as the Metal Pack of the Year for its stylish impact on the shelf and its special Sustainability credentials.

Judges: “A fabulous design, lightweight sustainable solution moving away from other less sustainable packaging formats. Great shelf appeal and great consumer appeal.”

As emerging companies as well as large organizations and more consumers increasingly look to customized eco-friendly packaging, Tecnocap is more and more focusing on  on outstanding design, fully embraced sustainability methods, recyclable materials and reusability. The bottle’s lightweight, resusable, recyclable and unbreakable elements appeal to the on-the-go, conscious consumer who wants convenience and sustainability and unlock the full potential of metal packaging to accelerate brands and inspire thinking green millennials.

the metal pack of the year - Tecnocap aluminium bottle

Berrington Spring has been bottling spring water in PET and Glass for the past 20 years. Having seen the market become more environamlety aware and other companies beginning to package water in other formats (cans / cartons etc.) Berrington decided to develop its own unique solution. Berrington set itself 3 development goals:

The product needed to be genuinely eco-friendly, appeal to consumers, be commercially viable.

After 3 years of product development, Berrington launched Re:Water – the world’s first bottled water in a 100% recycled aluminum bottle. The UK’s most popular drinks container for water is the 28mm neck bottle. Berrington wanted to retain this shape, but instead of the material being plastic or glass, it was to be made from aluminum.

Berrington partnered with Tecnocap to modify their cosmetics bottle to be suitable for bottled water. The moulding parts were adjusted to allow a rolled top and a food grade BPA NI liner added. Importantly the bottle was made from 100% recycled aluminum – which reduced the energy needed to create the bottle by 95% verse virgin aluminum.the metal pack of the year - Tecnocap aluminium bottle

Bottled and filled directly from the source which is located in the protected land of Herefordshire by Berringtonwater Re:Water is the ‘world’s first’ 100% post consumer recycled aluminum bottle, can be infinitely refilled, infinitely reused and infinitely recyclable, designed to help eliminate single-use plastics and lower Carbon emissions. All the environmental impacts of the aluminum bottles are certified by EPD (Environmental Product Declaration).

Re:Water is a great example of a brand that embraces both the aesthetic and the sustainability opportunities of aluminum packaging. It actually represents the real “essence of sustainability, since it’s infinitely recyclable without losing any physical properties and so will always be available for future generations.

About Tecnocap

Tecnocap is a global metal packaging manufacturer, specialized in metal closures for glass jars and plastic containers. Here, they are the third biggest producer of closures for food, baby food and beverage packaging. The Group is also emerging as a global leader for integrated packaging solutions, i.e. aluminum monobloc aerosol cans and aluminum bottles for some of the world’s best-known consumer brands in food, beverages, spirits, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, industrial and household products. Corporate website:

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