The right to play (in team).

Since its foundation, Tecnocap has supported projects in partnership with educational institutions in the communities where the production plants are located. Often, as part of the annual CSR Corporate Social Responsibility Plan, Tecnocap supports activities in the fields of sport and environmental education particularly with the of young people in mind.

The recent covid-19 lockdown made it even more important to support outdoor education projects with the aim of protecting the right to sociality of children as an essential experience in the construction of individual personality and group/community awareness.

Also for this reason, Tecnocap, the third world producer of metal closures (twist lug), supported the “Green Volleyball” project which involves the construction of an outdoor volleyball field at the Junior High School  “Carducci Trezza” in Cava de’ Tirreni, in collaboration with CSI – Centro Sportivo Italiano and the Cooperativa Sociale La Città della Luna. The free Camp started in August and is expected to continue until October and is open to a very wide range of young scholars from 4 to 14 years, All in full compliance with the local rules and regional and local ordinances related to security and safety to counter infection with Coronavirus.

CSR Responsabilità Sociale d'Impresa - Tecnocap Metal Packaging

The social impact and the value of this type of action on communities is evidentsays Abramo Silvestro, Printing Manager and President of Cral Tecnocap who addsin this complex times it is very important that children and young people return to physical activity, claim their right to play and rediscover the value of aggregation. It is essential, that children adapt to tis new normality, made of meetings, relationships and contacts that they have not been able to develop in recent months. Obviously the health of our children continues to be the absolute priority, for this reason, the activity will be eventually adapted to the further ministerial or regional provisions that must be issued to ensure their safety“.

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