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Tecnocap Ucraine is ambassador of ”Garbage Hero” project, in partnership with Lviv Regional Children’s Library.

Increasing the environmental awareness of children and adults involved in the project is a positive shift in social development. Empowering pupils to solve environmental problems raises ecological consciousness and has a positive impact on overall community development.

The project aims to strenghten ecological education of children and has been implemented in Lviv Region since May 1, 2016 thanks to the program of the British Council in Ukraine “Active Citizens” and with the support of the Ukrainian Library Association. The project is aimed at children ages four to fifteen, their parents and teachers. The library educates participants in eco-thinking, caring for natural resources, reducing waste and subsequently passing on their knowledge to relatives and friends.

Tecnocap Ucraine - Sustainability and children education project in Zhovka

Through informative and entertaining workshops, children and adults learn about eco-practices such as sorting garbage, reusing waste materials, recycling used batteries and repurposing plastic bottle tops.  The project’s reach has grown and the project is now implemented from the big cities to small towns throughout the country.

Tecnocap Ucraine - Sustainability and children education project in Zhovka

Tecnocap promoted and supported the Regional project at the local level in Zhovkva, where the production facility is located.  In November 2019, During special lessons, pupils from three different primary schools started to receive information about the negative consequences caused by irresponsible attitude with waste, about litter prevention and good practices in waste reduction, reuse and recycle.

Tecnocap Ucraine - Sustainability and children education project in Zhovka

More lessons and actions to improve the environmental culture of children in partnership with the Lviv Regional Children’s Ecolibrary took place in 2020.

Pictures and other informations are published on the Facebook official page.

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