Packaging Innovations

Packaging Innovations 2016 is the name of a UK even, dedicated to metal packaging industries, with a special focus on innovations. Tecnocap Group, third global leader in the production of metal “twist” closures, took part in this event, exhibiting its caps and showing how metal closures and food jars (both in glass and plastic) can get along. It worked in collaboration with Aegg, a creative packaging specialist with head offices in the UK and suppliers to global food and beverage brands. The company is specialized in innovative and creative jar designs.

As a leading event in the UK market, the exhibition provides essential networking for all those interested in packaging and is attended by many UK customers plus international clients from outside of the UK.

Tecnocap Group produces glass jars, bottles and plastic containers which are utilized in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and beauty industries. Lithography, embossing, debossing, perforations and beyond, have enabled Tecnocap to become pioneer in design and leading manufacturer of customized metal closures around the world.

Behind the stands Tecnocap was represented by our Marketing Manager, Antida Giordano our International Sales Manager, Diego Pasqualini and our UK and Ireland Sales Manager Jeff Edwards.

Aside from its broad standard range of closures, Tecnocap exhibited its technology and equipment innovations as well as its powerful decoration capabilities and expert technical knowledge.

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