Tecnocap renews its bond with sports and supports as main sponsor the Tennis Napoli Cup event, which took place from 17 to 23 October in Naples. The tournament was upgraded from an ATP Challenger Tour event to an ATP Tour 250 event this year with the participation of some of the main international players.

With an Arena of over 4000 seats leaning on the sea, the D’Avalos and other two playgrounds, it was a successful event with a great visibility, not only under the sports profile.

The promotion of this great international event, forms part of a wider program supporting cultural and sports initiatives, both on an amateur and professional level, inspired by the human values that Tecnocap shares with the sports world: passion, loyalty, respect, responsibility, teamwork and sharing common objectives.

Tecnocap has always been keen on encouraging such initiatives, in terms of environmental education and social wellness among all the local communities in which the company is present. Moreover, the Group supports sports Associations aiming at the inclusion of those in social disadvantage.

Exclusively for this great event, The Group promoted its special edition of aluminum bottles, made from 100% recycled aluminum and infinitely reusable and recyclable, which were customized for this specific event, and were distributed to the athletes and the hosts of the Arena.

Atp tour Naples - Tecnocap Metal Packaging is main sponsor



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