Verso una nuova economia: più sostenibile, responsabile, informata.

Orienting italian consumer information and choices towards a new economy: more sustainable, responsible, informed. This is the purpose of NeXt (Non Profit Organization), Gioosto (an ethical e-commerce platform) and Fim Cisl (Trade Union) which organized in partnership a big italian Ethical Cash Mob on April 29. About 50 companies that have distinguished themselves for sustainability performances and strategies took part to this big online streaming event.

A special acknowledgment has been conferred for their environmental and social sustainability strategies to Zarri from Bologna, Tecnocap from Cava de ‘Tirreni, Magna Getrag from Bari and the training agency Skilla Amicucci Formazione from Civitanova Marche.

Below is the video document of the event with the speech (from minute 54), of the Founder and CEO of the Tecnocap Group Michelangelo Morlicchio (italian language).

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