96 mm Candle Cover

Candles packaging - the 96 mm candle cover metal closure from Tecnocap

Over the last twelve months, Tecnocap Group has created an assortment of new metal closures for candles, ice creams and spirits.

Each product was initiated by the request from a customer seeking a solution to a closure issue.
Some customers were simply looking for an alternative to their former supplier, while others were looking for a better design and application due to capping and sealing issues. One customer was looking for a closure for a new product to be introduced on the market.

Waiting for the next twelve months, there are seven new closures Tecnocap will be developing to address specific needs for specific markets and which, once completed, will make a noticeable impression on the targeted markets.

Candles packaging - the 96 mm candle cover metal closure from Tecnocap

It has been over a year ago since receiving the first request for a custom candle cover.
The candle cover had a diameter of 96 mm, larger than any  other Tecnocap existing CandlePlugs.
The plastic insert, used to secure the cap to the glass container of the candle, also has a unique design. After receiving some commitment from the customer, Tecnocap began to produce samples.
With feedback from the customer, modifications were made. The resulting final version was an almost exact copy of the original candle closure.

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