The green message in the aluminum bottle

Aluminum bottles have the highest recycling rate of any other packaging materials. They’re perfect for beverage market especially for premium, special edition and “on the go” products. Aluminum bottles are unbreakable, safe and shatter-proof, chill quickly and offer a unique cooling effect when handled by delivering a premium drinks experience. Aluminum bottles provide 100% barrier against light, being absolutely airtight, keep oxygen out and carbonation in, allowing beverages to stay fresh for longer. They are lightweight (important feature for e-commerce) and convenient. Thanks to their stylish impact on the shelf, any beverage boosts its exclusivity in this premium packaging.  Moreover, aluminum bottles are really attractive since they offer a 360° printing  surface to enhance brand value.

Refill Aluminium Flask and Bottle - 100% recyclable metal packaging

Nowadays, consumers especially millennials – are not only looking for more customised products, but are  also thinking green. Aluminum Bottles are surely a type of packaging that is in tune with future trends  Aluminum bottles gives to consumers brands an excellent opportunity to evolve and deliver a premium experience thanks to a cool, contemporary package.

Refill Aluminium Flask and Bottle - 100% recyclable metal packagingAt Tecnocap, sustainability and innovation are pillars of every strategic decision making process. For us, creating sustainable value means making positive actions to solve global challenges, being oriented towards the future, and being successful over the long term. We’re proud to work with brands who share our same values and really pleased to know that the Aluminum Refill Flask we produced for Itsu – British chain of Asian-inspired fast food shops and restaurants, and a grocery company – filled with Spring water in the UK by Berrington Spring will support the Blue Marine Foundation in the creation of marine reserves for a sustainable model of fishing, by making a donation for every bottle sold.

Refill Aluminium Flask and Bottle - 100% recyclable metal packaging

As reported by Itsu’s linkedin offical channel, this aluminum flask (Refill Flask) also won gold at the #lunch2019 Innovation Challenge Awards 2019. The judges said it was „An absolute game changer. Disruptive and brilliant innovation both commercially and environmentally.“

Refill Aluminium Flask and Bottle - 100% recyclable metal packaging

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