Integrated Report

Bilancio Integrato Gruppo Tecnocap - Tecnocap Group Integrated Report 2018

Our first Integrated Report is conceived to provide the stakeholders with targeted information about the company’s new positioning towards sustainable growth.

The Integrated Report is based on the model of the International Integrated Reporting Framework and, for the social and environmental chapters, it follows the standards issued by the Global Reporting Initiative. Integrated Reporting shows the link between strategy, governance, financial performance and the social, environmental and economic context in which the company operates. It is a concise communication about how Tecnocap organization’s strategy, governance, performance and prospects, lead to the creation of value in the short, medium and long term, in the context of its external environment.

It communicates in a clear, transparent and comparable way the value creation process and all responsible and ethical implications.

Our first Group Integrated Report is the result of a corporate communication process aimed at:

  • Providing stakeholders with complete information on financial and non-financial aspects (environmental, social and governance) in the short, medium term perspective;
  • Integrating and connect all the corporate information „pillars“: strategy, governance, business model, risk management, remuneration, sustainability, etc.;
  • Aligning internal and external reporting processes.

Integrated reporting is not possible without the integrated thinking and the cooperation among all the company divisions worldwide. For Tecnocap it represents an important evolutionary step towards an increasingly transparent and integrated reporting and a corporate vision oriented to sustainable growth, social responsibility and digital transformation.

The Tecnocap Group’s Integrated Report is available online (click to access the content).

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