Here comes the Sun

Tecnocap USA is completing its solar energy roof project in the Glen Dale plant. The 70,000 square feet roof will be maintained, renewed and ready for the new solar panels. The solar panels will take up an area of about 53,000 square feet and generate approximately 600 kilowatts.

The most obvious advantage of the solar panels is that they will reduce electricity costs, providing a consistent level of power. Other advantages of the new solar panels are an extended life for the roof and the reduction of interior temperatures by blocking the sun’s rays.


The solar panels are placed in a stationary angle facing south, providing the best performance. The panels will be situated in mountings that will use weights to hold the panels in place. This type of installation keeps the roof warranty intact and avoids drilling.

There are many different types of solar panels. The ones being used are monocrystalline panels. These premium panels are characterized by a high efficiency rate and high lifetime value. They perform much better under high temperature changes than other types of panels. Once the installation begins, it should take around 2 or 3 weeks, weather permitting. At the end of the expected life of the solar panels, they will maintain an efficiency of 83%.

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