TECNOCAP Group, the third largest global producer of metal closures for glass jars, bottles and plastic containers, has awarded scholarships to three incoming Engineering Science majors at Wheeling Jesuit University.

On the right: Glen Dale company, TECNOCAP, has awarded scholarships to three incoming Wheeling Jesuit students. Shown are Robert Yahn, dean of WJU’s School of Business and Technology department, WJU President, Dr. Debra Townsley, scholarship recipients, Morgan McGuire, Trent Shepherd, Brianna Leach, Sean Doyle, director of Undergraduate Admissions, Fr. Luis Tampe, an engineering science faculty member and Paolo Ghigo, for TECNOCAP.

Each scholarship is worth $15,000 over the recipients’ four years at WJU and includes priority placement for paid internships at TECNOCAP Glen Dale, W.Va. facility.

The winners of this year are Brianna Leach of Barnesville, Ohio, Morgan McGuire of Wheeling and Trent Shepherd of West Union, W.Va. The three were recognized by WJU President, Dr. Debra Townsley and Paolo Ghigo for TECNOCAP during an event at Wheeling Jesuit Monday, June 19.

“We are delighted that TECNOCAP has partnered with Wheeling Jesuit University to make an Engineering Science degree even more affordable for our students,” said Dr. Townsley. “In May, we graduated our first Engineering Science, and today we’re thrilled to take another step forward in the growth of engineering at WJU.”

Leach is a graduate of Barnesville High School where she was class president all four years, as well as a member of the Key and Art clubs, National Honor Society and 4-H. “I believe Wheeling Jesuit’s Engineering Science major will help me achieve my professional goals. My sister graduated from Wheeling Jesuit University and so I am aware of how well the university prepares its students for obtaining a job after college.”

Leach said she has had a deep passion for science and building items since childhood. “I was involved in Project Lead the Way courses throughout my junior and senior years of high school. This is where my love for engineering started. My goal is to help make advancements in the engineering field, improve technology and improve the world,” she explained.

McGuire, who recently graduated from Wheeling Park High School, said, “The main reason I chose Wheeling Jesuit is because of the smaller class sizes. I believe I will get a more personalized, one-on-one instruction.”

“Engineering”, McGuire said, “plays an important role in every part of modern day life. There will always be a need for some form of engineering, and once I learn more, I will decide which area of engineering interests me the most. No matter which path I choose in this field, I will make an impact on the lives and futures of others in some way.”

Shepherd graduated from Tyler Consolidated High School where he was a member of the track team. He recently signed on to continue his track career at WJU. He said he chose Wheeling Jesuit’s engineering science program, because the degree is new and expanding. “I wanted an environment that would develop in parallel with its students and that is exactly what WJU offers. My interest in engineering stems from my youth : since then I have always been interested in how things work and are designed.”

“This scholarship program offered by TECNOCAP is a great opportunity for Brianna, Morgan and Trent,” said Robert Yahn, dean of the School of Business and Technology and Engineering Science faculty member. “The new partnership provides financial support for three fantastic students and hands-on training through paid internships. Finally, it helps the local economy by making sure that local opportunities are available for the Ohio Valley’s next generation of engineers.”

As TECNOCAP scholarship recipients, Leach, McGuire and Shepherd have agreed to continue as Engineering Science majors during their four years at WJU, meet academic performance benchmarks, and represent TECNOCAP and the WJU Engineering Science major throughout their four years at the university.

Laboratory and design experiences are integrated throughout the curriculum, culminating in a capstone project. Beginning with their first engineering course, students will learn to work in teams to solve problems. Graduates of WJU’s program will be qualified to attend graduate school in specialized engineering disciplines or work as engineers in any discipline.


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