Tecnocap attended the event “Le Eccellenze Italiane si Raccontano”

The Tecnocap Group has significantly accelerated the digitization process, placing it, along with Sustainability, at the core of the overall industrial strategy. In particular, the organization has recently introduced new technologies and digital solutions in various strategic areas, capable of impacting the transformation of processes and organizational models. The goal is to enhance competitiveness and improve the organization’s ability to quickly adapt to sudden changes and seize new opportunities in new, often complex scenarios and contexts.

As a multinational organization and partner of major global consumer brands, Tecnocap consistently invests in the integration of digital technologies across its production facilities in Europe, the USA, and India. This follows an approach that involves, even before the use of new solutions and technologies, a special sensitivity to cultural implications (the adoption of a “digital mindset”) and organizational implications (the introduction of new work models and team collaboration).

In this regard, 2023 was a pivotal year with the definitive introduction of a new Cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning, capable of fully integrating the company’s international operations, simplifying relations with suppliers, and managing customer relationships globally.

The topics of digital transformation and a shift in corporate culture were discussed in Rome during the event “Le Eccellenze Italiane si Raccontano” (Italian Excellences Tell Their Stories), which brought together some of the most influential names in the Italian business landscape to share their success stories. The Capitol talk shop assembled top management from various sectors, highlighted not only for economic results but especially for their transformative approach that impacts people.

“The digital transformation is now a mature and pervasive concept,” says Antonio Correale, CIO of the Tecnocap Group, adding, “We all know that digitization is the key to innovation and increased competitiveness, but we must be aware of how process redesign exponentially increases complexity, posing challenges, especially on a cultural level. In this sense, it is essential that the introduction of new technologies be accompanied by a change management process that involves all personnel at all levels of the organization.”

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