We welcome the Italian Ambassador to Czech Republic

On May 6, the Italian Ambassador to Czech Republic, together with his staff and some members of the CAMIC (Italian Commercial Chamber in the CZ), H.E. Aldo Amati, met the Managing Team of Tecnocap Group in the Czech Republic. During his visit of to the company, the Ambassador was giving a brief introduction on Tecnocap presence in the European market, its main achievements as well as challenges.

It is an honor and a great satisfaction for us to be here with His Excellency Aldo Amati, who accepted our invitation to visit the factory in Strmilov. In the last 10 years Tecnocap Group has started a massive investment plan for the creation of one of the most advanced plants for the production of twist-lug closures in Europe.” Michelangelo Morlicchio, CEO of Tecnocap Group, said.

Today, the Czech subsidiary of Tecnocap Group can be regarded as a jewel for its performances in the production of twist-off closures, thanks to a rational and efficient plant engineering, the application of total quality and lean management principles and a strategic logistic position in the hearth of Europe.

Tecnocap in the Czech Republic is carrying out a large number of social empowerment projects and fundraising campaigns, in cooperation with Institutions and Local Government, Universities and  Schools, NGOs and companies. Numerous charitable causes have been arranged to gather founds for families with disabled children, economical disadvantaged people and for the local community of České Budéjovice region, where Tecnocap plant is located.

The Ambassador Amati appreciated the remarkable success story of Tecnocap Group, not only in the Czech Republic or in the European economic context, but on a global scale, in the crucially important packaging sector. He remarked his pride to host such an efficient facility on that territory and the importance to collect a wide number of employees and families.




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