All children are artists

Tecnocap Ukraine invest in therapeutic Art and creative education programs within schools & children’s organizations.

Tecnocap Ukraine Metal Packaging - Corporate Social Responsibility

Tecnocap Ukraine is the official sponsor for the “Happy Art” artistic laboratory for disabled children. Two days when  children from Leopoli together with professional painters experienced artistic painting and also share beautiful emotions.

Tecnocap Ukraine Metal Packaging - Corporate Social Responsibility

Protection and promotion of collective well-being represent strategic objectives of Corporate Social Responsibility. The socio-economic fabric of the local communities where our production facilities are established is a distinctive asset for the growth of our group. Tecnocap keenly supports education activities for young talents, cultural projects and philanthropic activities.

In the last ten years, the turnover growth and the international expansion have not prevented Tecnocap from local communities commitment and interest in people. Internationalization pushed sustainability targets even higher in terms of reduction of raw materials and pollution during the production processes.

Transparency, solidity and integrity are the true pillars of our company decisions. Staff enhancement and constant training are evidence of company commitment. Responsible management of resources, safety and health, protection of environmental resources are key chapters of our commitment to reduce the impact deriving from our production cycle.

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