Compliance and Corporate Social Responsibility

In compliance with the standard and in the pursuit of values ​​such as efficiency, fairness and loyalty while doing business and managing business activities, Tecnocap SpA (the third largest manufacturer of Metal Closures) Board of Directors adopted the “Model of organization , management and control“.

The Compliance Programme aims at building a comprehensive set of guiding principles, operating procedures and other specific principles, inspired by criteria of integrity in business management and among other things, it aims at preventing the commission of offenses under the Decree. Although the adoption of an organizational model which is a “right” of the company and not an obligation, Tecnocap decided to adopt their own model as aware that this system is an opportunity to strengthen its corporate governance.

In the same meeting on the 21 November 2016 the Board of Directors of Tecnocap SpA adopted the Code of Ethics, by engaging in the implementation of a comprehensive approach CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) through the main ethical factors ESG (Environmental Social Governance ). The Council has entrusted to an external supervisory body responsible for monitoring compliance with the requirements of the Organizational Model, test their effectiveness and assess the need for updates.

All Supervisory Body components are equipped with the necessary requirements of integrity, professionalism, autonomy and independence and perform the duties assigned to it by ensuring the necessary continuity of action.

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