Sustainable investing:
the Solar Panel Roof in West Virginia.

A few years ago, it was realized that Tecnocap’s 220,000 square foot roof would need to be redone. It wasn’t going to be a cheap or easy. That’s when the company started considering the best bang for its buck and landed on solar panels.

We came out studying the incentives available in the country at the federal level and also the state level. It came out to be economically sustainable and so we decided to go live,” Tecnocap President Paolo Ghigo said.

The roof is now adorned with 1,709 panels, which will generate approximately one-third of the building’s consumption. It will likely save the company about $150,000 per year to start, with a more exact amount being known after a few years.

The return on investment can be calculated after you plugged in all the incentives in around 5 years. It is sustainable, and it is another message that we want to give to the community that we are here to stay,” Ghigo said.

And it’s also a way to save some money while helping the environment.

The sun rises every day, even if it’s not the most sunny place on the planet. But it’s something that makes sense” Ghigo said. Tecnocap officials say they hope this begins a trend in the state when it comes to solar energy.



Who is Tecnocap:
Tecnocap is a worldwide metal packaging manufacturer, specialized in metal closures for glass jars and plastic containers. The group is one of the biggest producers of tinplate and aluminum closures as well as aluminum monobloc aerosol cans and aluminum bottles for some of the world’s best known consumer brands in food, beverages, spirits, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, industrial and household products

Sustainability is a key point for all our activities and strategic decisions.
Tecnocap works closely with our customers to support them in reaching their sustainability targets by providing responsible packaging solutions.


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