The message is in the bottle: Tecnocap is partner of the Sustainable Development Festival

Tecnocap is partner of the Sustainable Development Festival 2021, the event sponsored by ASviS – the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development – with the aim to spread all over the country a sustainable culture and the awareness of the 2030 Agenda. The event will take place, in a hybrid way, all over Italy and will be online from the 28th of September and the 14th of October 2021, and is addressed to citizens, companies and institutions to stimulate a reflection on themes such as environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

Together with Tecnocap, other partner companies are TIM, Coop, Costa, Enel, Ferrero, Lavazza, UniCredit, Unipol, Ansa e Rai. The Festival, now in its fifth edition, will take place in a crucial year which has witnessed the publication of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan; but it is also a year full of appointments on an international level, such as the G20, under the Italian Presidency, the Cop26 about climate, under the Anglo-Italian Presidency and the Expo Dubai. In this scenery, the synergy between the Festival and important institutional partners such as the United Nations, the European Commission, the Italian Government and the Deposits and Loans Fund, becomes crucial.

Tecnocap, committed to the circular innovation, has integrated the Sustainability objectives in its business strategies and in its KPIs, thanks to a structured investment plan towards renewable energies, more and more circular production models and the eco-design of the packaging. The Group entered formal commitment in the short-term period, as documented in the annual Sustainability Report, arranged according to the GRI Standards. The Report includes LCA studies, carried out to measure in a scientific way, the environmental impacts of Tecnocap packaging throughout its life cycle. The evidence and the information concerning the LCA studies were validated by third parties and obtained the EPD certification.

Working for a sustainable future means developing innovative packaging solutions for Tecnocap, with a minimal environmental impact, being endlessly recyclable and designed for a circular economy”. This is what Michelangelo Morlicchio, CEO of Tecnocap commented and then added, “Playing our part is not enough and we are convinced that big global challenges must be faced with an open mind and with the help of Partnerships based on common values and shared objectives. More than a Festival, this initiative represents a collaboration platform on a strategic level, which will help both the spread of the skills to a wider public and the competitiveness of the Italian company in the era of the ecological transition”.

On the occasion of the Festival, the Italian multinational company realized a limited-edition bottle totally made of post-consumer recycled  aluminum. Besides being endlessly recyclable, the production process of these special bottles allows a 50% reduction of C02 emissions compared to the ones of virgin aluminum. Other success factors of this packaging solution are its lightness – which allows the minimum impact on transportation – and the possibility to be reusable longer as an alternative to single-use packaging.

We have finally understood that the sustainable development goes also through other activities such as separate waste collection, material recycling and it concerns circular economy in its whole, with the substitution of pollutants – such as plastic bottles – with sustainable objects”. This is what the President of the ASviS, Marcella Mallen, commented. She then added, “All this concerns public policy as well as proper business practices and individual activities performed by consumers. Those little daily gestures that each of us perform can contribute to the achievement of general interest objectives. Thus, I would like to thank those companies like Tecnocap which is committed in this respect and provides, by means of the water bottles which will be used during the Festival, a concrete example of fusion between what is useful, comfortable and beautiful”.

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SviS is the biggest net of civil societies in Italy, regarding the themes in terms of environmental, economic, and social sustainability. The ASviS is organizing the Festival together with more than 300 participants and with the support of its Partners, performing a wide range of activities – concerning communication and advocacy, education, research and institutional dialogue. In particular, in 2016 it presented its Annual Report, which provides the Government and the Institutions with a vision of the Italian and European trend towards the SDGs, before the debate on the Budget Law.



An Italian Multinational company which operates in the field of Metal Closures, Bottles and aluminum Aerosol Cans, with over the 75% of its turnover achieved abroad, between Europe and Northern America. This year, the Group aims at a consolidated turnover of more than 220 Mil euros, throughout its 9 production plants, 3 centers for Research and Developments and more than 1000 employees.  

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