Tecnocap commitment to nourishing scientific research

Tecnocap commitment to nourishing scientific research:

A socially responsible company is aware of the influence it has on society and puts in place adequate behavior to meet expectations of respect for the environment, safety and well-being of workers, consumers and community.

The concept of corporate social responsibility essentially means that a company decides on their own initiative to help improve the community.

In this sense, Tecnocap supports the Buonissimi 2017 project, a charity event combining food with a noble and important goal: raising funds for research. Solidarity becomes the protagonist of a very special evening with the idea of ​​promoting a positive message of life and hope by supporting researches into pediatric solid tumors.


Tecnocap is a worldwide metal packaging manufacturer, specialized in metal closures for glass jars and plastic containers.
The group is one of the biggest producers of tinplate and aluminum closures as well as aluminum monobloc aerosol cans and aluminum bottles for some of the world’s best known consumer brands in food, beverages, spirits, cosmetics, nutraceuticals,  pharmaceuticals, industrial and household products.

Our commitment goes beyond providing the best quality product. We help our clients succeed by enhancing the identity of their brand and preserving the safety of their product. We work as partners and advisors to our clients, improving existing products and developing new designs & engineering solutions.

Constantly evolving technologies and tailored engineering projects are key factors which drive Tecnocap market reputation and business growth. The group heavily invests in improving production performance, total quality management and lean manufacturing principles.

Sustainability is a key point for all our activities and strategic decisions.
Tecnocap works closely with our customers to support them in reaching their sustainability targets by providing responsible packaging solutions.

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