Metal Closures Customization


As tireless innovators, we develop special designs with the desire to improve products for customers who believe in Metal Closures as a marketing tool.

We are focused on providing Closures with excellent quality and technical performance and to support customers in enhancing  their brand reputation.

We design custom Closures in an wide range of colors, shapes, sizes and materials to meet even your highest expectations with the ambition to dress up your package.


From a single color to a multi-color photographic image, custom closures can be an integral part of a package, which separates a product from its less attractive competition. All colors and prints are applied in Tecnocap lithography facilities, never subcontracted.

  • Twist/Lug
  • BRC-BabyFood
  • Unishell
  • CT Tinplate
  • CT Aluminum
  • BellaCap
  • HomeStyleTwisTop
  • SKO
  • Ak45 – Ap45 Safety Seal
  • Saf Lok
  • Espritbonnet
  • Advintage


The emboss offers to our customers more possibilities to enhance the aesthetics of closures. All sizes of tin-plate CT’s Aluminium CT’s and Unishells can be embossed.

  • Unishell
  • CT Tinplate
  • CT Aluminum
  • Espritbonnet
  • BellaCap


Candle Plug is a closure that begins with Unishell®. A plastic insert is added, making a closure specifically for non-threaded glass.

  • Unishell


Perforation is a functional and aestetic way to augment closures. The perforations allow the scents and flavors of candles and potpourri to fill a room.

  • Unishell
  • CT Tinplate
  • CT Aluminum


Pressure Sensitive Liners offer tamper evident protection.
The Pressure Sensitive liner is part of a double liner system.
When the closure is applied, the pressure sensitive liner uses a light adhesive to adhere to the container.
The opposite side of the liner is typically printed with “Sealed For Your Protection” or “Safety Seal™.”
The pressure sensitive liner can be provided with a custom print.
When the customer removes the Metal Closure, the pressure sensitive liner remains on the jar neck ring whilst the second liner remains in the cap to seal the container for reapplication.


Choosing the liner type and style is one of the most important factors of a Metal Closure selection.
The liner is a round piece of material that sits between the cap and the jar/container.
It’s primary function is to offer proper sealing of the product and often times it determines the Metal Closure’ fit and function viability.
Since the liner facing is in direct contact with the product the compatibility is critical, liners will help ensure shelf life performance and stop leakage of the product.
Certain products require specialised liners, different liner materials are available for moisture barrier, chemical resistance, consumer safety, or preventing leakage.
Tecnocap’s Liner Division have developed further specialised liners such as Heat Induction, PVC-free, Plasticiser-Free, ESBO-Free alongside the Pressure Sensitive.

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